Are you a jobseeker in the solidarity area?

To access to regularly paid job and traineeship opportunities published by public and private bodies in the social private sector and in the third sector sign in the European Solidarity Corps portal.

Are you an employer in the solidarity area?

To publish job and traineeship opportunities for European young people contact us.



Do you want to live a job experience as International Programme Assistant in Italy?

European Solidarity Corps project offers to one qualified jobseeker the possibility to work with GVC - Civil Volunteer Group (a non-governmental and independent organization, active in the international cooperation development field) and at the same time living a solidarity experience.

Do you want to live a job experience as nurse in Netherlands?

European Solidarity Corps project offers to six graduated nurses the possibility to work in the elderly care sector, living, at the same time, a solidarity experience.

All young people, 18 – 30 years old, national and legally residing in a EU 28 Member State, who wish to find a job or a traineeship in a Member State other than the country of residence.

Public and private bodies in the social private sector and in the third sector located in a EU Member State and operating in the solidarity area.

Job and traineeship offers in the solidarity area.

All the 28 EU Member States.

  1. Education
  2. Health care
  3. Social integration/Social work, including the reception and integration of asylum seekers and migrants
  4. Environmental protection
  5. Emergency and disaster management
  6. Food aid

2 to 12 months maximum.

The initiative offers to jobseekers and employers the opportunity to access to a unique, integrated and customized service counting on the assistance of qualified and long experienced professionals in matching, pre-placement, placement and post-placement: the EURES advisors network.

In addition to customized support and assistance, jobseekers and employments can also enjoy financial benefits:

Targets Benefits Amount
Jobseekers 18-30 years old (citizens/residents in EU28) Allowance to move to another Member State for the job interview From € 100 to € 350
Allowance to move to another Member State (work placement) From 700 to 1.400 €
Reimbursement of return travel costs Real costs
Language training Max € 1.500
Recognition of diplomas and qualifications € 400
Supplementary allowance for young people with special needs Max € 1.000 per travel
Integration to subsistence allowance for trainees Max € 600 per month (max 6 months)
Employers (located in UE28) Integration programme: training and mentoring Max € 2.000

For further information:

This project is coordinated by ANPAL - EURES National Coordination Office (Italy), in partnership with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Italy), Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal - SEPE (Spain), Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale (Italy), DIAN (Greece), VOLUM (Romanian), Time4society (Belgium), Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Dobrich (Bulgarian) and Eurodesk, EURES National Coordination Office (Slovenia), 18 members of the Italian EURES network, Unioncamere (Italy) and the Italian Ministry of Labour (DG Immigration and integration policies and DG Third sector and corporate social responsability).

The European Solidarity Corps was announced in the State of the Union speech on September 2016 in the context of persistently high levels of youth unemployment. The intention is to respond with an initiative that helps young Europeans to improve their job prospects and at the same time encourage a sense of belonging to the European project through the spirit of solidarity. The European Solidarity Corps was launched on December 2016, confirming the importance that the European Commission gives to this initiative as a good opportunity for young people to access in labour market and take part of civil society.