Perugia, November 13: "European programmes and instruments for transnational mobility"

26/10 2018

Perugia, November 13: "European programmes and instruments for transnational mobility"

The aim of the information/training seminar is to disseminate and inform about the characteristics and use of mobility tools and programmes such as the European Erasmus+ programme and targeted mobility projects such as Your First Eures Job, Reactivate and the European Solidarity Corps.

The seminar is free of charge and is aimed at professionals from the world of education, vocational training, university, employment centers, chambers of commerce, information and guidance of citizens on the issues of mobility for learning or work and transparency and comparability of qualifications. The seminar will be attended by a maximum of 80 participants.

The seminar is organised by the National Contact Points Euroguidance, Europass, EQF, in cooperation with the EURES National Coordination Office, the National Agency Erasmus+|VET-Inapp and the Eurodesk Local Point in Perugia.

The EURES National Coordination Office will participate to present EURES and the projects Your First Eures Job and European Solidarity Corps.

To participate you must register by filling out the online form:

The registration form will be active until the maximum number of participants is reached.

Here the agenda:

09:00 > 09:30 - Registration– welcome coffee

09:30 > 10:00 - Welcome greetings and presentation of the seminar

10:00 > 10:30 - Euroguidance, National Centre Euroguidance - Monica Lippolis

10:30 > 11:00 - Europass, National Centre Europass - Alessandra Biancolini

11:00 > 11:30 - The European/National Qualifications Framework, National Coordination Point EQF - [video registration] Michela Bastianelli

11:30 > 12:00 - EURES and mobility projects YfEj 5.0, Reactivate and European Solidarity Corps|Employment, EURES National Coordination Office - Catia Mastracci  

12:00 > 12:30 - Erasmus+| Vocational education and training, Inapp - Anna Butteroni

12:30 > 13:30 - Questions and Insights 

13:30 Light lunch