October 30: Training day Venezia “Orienting young people towards transnational mobility”

19/10 2018

October 30: Training day Venezia “Orienting young people towards transnational mobility”

The objectives of the information/training seminar are:

- to deepen the main aspects of the orientation towards transnational learning mobility of young people

- raise awareness of European learning programmes and initiatives, including Erasmus+|Youth, Your First Eures Job 5.0, European Solidarity Corps

- to support the empowerment of young people

Participation in the Training Day is free and lasts about 8 hours. The event is aimed at operators of information services, training and guidance of the territory (Youth Information, Employment Centers, URP, Services for young people, etc..), teachers, youth groups, youth representative bodies and associations, who want to improve the quality of information activities aimed at young people on the issues of transnational mobility for learning.

The Training Day is carried out by the Eurodesk / EuropeDirect Local Point of the Municipality of Venice in collaboration with the National Agency for Youth, the EURES National Coordination (Anpal) and the Italian national Eurodesk network.

To participate you must register by filling out the online form on the page:
The registration form will be active until the maximum number of participants is reached..

Here the agenda:

09:00 > 09:30     Registration of participants

09:45 > 10:00     Welcome and greetings from the organising bodies

10:00 > 10:15     Introduction: purpose and methodology of the seminar (by ANG and Eurodesk)

10:15 > 10:30     European youth policies: from Europe 2020 to the EU Youth Strategy 

10:30 > 12:00     European programmes, tools, services in the field of non-formal education: Erasmus+|Gioventù (by ANG)
> Portale Europeo dei Giovani: Voluntary activities and European Solidarity Corps | Volunteering
> Otlas: search for project partners
> Salto Youth: training in Europe for youth workers
> Youth Pass: certification of learning in the context of non-formal education of young people
> Portale Italiano dei Giovani (by Eurodesk)


12:00 > 13:00     Tools and initiatives to support the employability of young people (by EURES) 
> Your First Eures Job 5.0
> European Solidarity Corps | Employment

13:00 >14:00     Lunh (autonomously managed) 

14:00 >15:00     Working groups on topics and instruments covered

15:00 >16:30     Plenary sharing of the work of the Groups

16:30 >17:00     How to keep up to date? Newsletter&Co - Conclusions