Final Event: Supporting European youth mobility in the solidarity field

23/07 2019

Final Event: Supporting European youth mobility in the solidarity field

ANPAL - National Agency for Active Labor Policies - EURES National Coordination Office organizes the final event of the European Solidarity Corps: Occupational Strand project, that will be held in Rome at the European Commission Representation in Italy - Spazio_Europa (ground floor), on 26 September 2019.

The project, which is part of the European Solidarity Corps initiative of the European Commission, is coordinated by the ANPAL - EURES National Coordination Office, together with a partnership involving national and international actors.

Partners of European Solidarity Corps Occupational Strand are: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Metropolitan City of Rome, Capitale Lavoro, SEPE - EURES Spain, DIAN Greece, VOLUM Romania, Time4society Belgium, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bulgaria, Ministry of Labor and Policies Social, EURES Slovenia, Eurodesk, Unioncamere and the EURES Italia Network.

European Solidarity Corps: Occupational Strand is the result of the decades experience of ANPAL – EURES NCO in the field of job-mobility of youth, gained in particular with the Your First Eures Job project.

The project has been created to promote experiences of job or traineeship of young people aged 18-30, within organisation/companies operating in the solidarity and social sector, as non-governmental organizations, third sector associations, public administrations, private and private social enterprises.

The final event is aimed at presenting the results achieved, with a particular focus on the experiences of young people, employers involved in the project and partners.

The idea of telling the project through the acquired experiences is part of a wider perspective of thought on the patterns of youth mobility. The debate on job mobility in Europe will include the theme of the continuation of the project in a "new" European Solidarity Corps, different from this project which is ending. We will present the new programmeduring the event

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