Who can participate?

All young people between the age of 18 and 30, European citizens and residents in one of the European Union (EU) Member States, looking for a job or traineeship in an EU Member State other than their country of residence.

No previous professional or mobility experience is required. .


What does European Solidarity Corps project offer to jobseekers?

  • Access to job opportunities and traineeships in the European Union, in the inclusion and solidarity field.
  • Personalized and free services from the pre-selection phase to the insertion phase in the new social and work context.
  • Financial benefits to support employability and professional mobility experience.


How to participate?

  • Register on the European platform (europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en)
  • If your profile is in line with any job offer or traineeship, a project Adviser will contact you via the PASS system.
  • If you accept the contact request, the Adviser will support you in all the subsequent phases: from the job interview to the return to your Country of residence at the end of the work/traineeship experience.
  • To access the financial benefits, you will receive the login credentials to your reserved area on the project portal.


What is the duration of the employment contract or traineeship?

 From 2 to 12 months.


Where can I live my experience?

The project covers all the 28 Member States of the European Union. All organizations, without distinction of the juridical nature and purpose, may propose a job offer or traineeship, as long as they work in the solidarity field, or propose social and solidarity activities in the areas covered by the Initiative.


I registered on the project portal (europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en), but I have not yet received any job offers by a project operator. Can I look for a solidarity job offer autonomously?


  • on your dashboard in the European platform
  • on the home page of the project portal
  • in the “Find a Job” section of the Eures portal, selecting the entry word “Social Work” in the “Solidarity context” category.

Follow the procedures indicated in the job offers or contact us directly at europeansolidaritycorps@anpal.gov.it


I have been pre-selected/selected for a job/traineeship vacancy but I do not speak well one of the spoken languages required by the Organisation/company . Does the project offer any financial support? (Can the project support me in this?)

Yes, the project can  support you through two measures:

  • you can receive a financial support to follow a language course before leaving or after starting the work experience/traineeship.
  • at your arrival, your employer may plan to offer you a language course within the integration programme

It is therefore possible to follow more language courses, benefiting from different measures envisaged by the project, provided that the courses followed by the young person have different nature (different languages or progressive levels).


What is an integration programme?

The Integration programme is a package of training modules and services that the employer can decide to offer to new workers/trainees, with the financial support of the project, and with the goal to facilitate the integration in the new social and work context. The program can provide training for the growth (improvement) and strengthening of the professional profile and the improvement of language skills, mentoring and coaching services, etc.


What are the financial benefits offered by the project ?

The project  provides for various financial benefits to support you in this work/traineeship experience.

Find out on the dedicated page.