Who can participate?

All businesses or other organisations who are legally established in the EU Member States,  who offer job or traineeship opportunities covered by an employment relationship, between 2 to 12 months, for which the activities imply a solidarity dimension within the scope of the European Solidarity Corps.


What European Solidarity Corps: Occupational Strand project offers for Employers?

The project offers more services and advantages for the employers, such as:

  • network of qualified Advisers and free of charge tailored services
  • support in selecting and hiring the better needed EU workers or trainees
  • project financial benefits for integration programme provided to newly recruited workers.


How to participate?

  1. Register to the project using the appropriate form available on this site.
  2. An Adviser will be assigned to you to support you in the vacancy definition
  3. Your Adviser will look for the best candidate profile for you and will assist you throughout the placement process


How many young participants can I hire?

There is no limit. Objective of the project is  to place 2000 young jobseekers (of which 200 through traineeship).


How can I hire the best worker/trainee for the needs of my Organisation/Company?

Anpal for European Solidarity Corps offers personalised and qualified services to support organisations and bodies in finding the necessary profiles.

  1. The project Adviser pre-selects the candidates who qualify for the offer and sends the CVs to the organization.
  2. The employer verifies the proposals and may request to meet the candidates for an interview. Thanks to the economic benefits provided by the project for job interviews, the pre-selected candidate can join the organization or take part in recruitment days in a country other than his own.


I want to hire a candidate but she/he does not speak well one of the spoken languages in my Organisation/company. What does the project offer??

The young person can receive financial support to participate on a language course before leaving or after starting the work experience/traineeship.

The employer can also provide a language course within the integration programme to improve the candidate's linguistic skills.

It is therefore possible to follow more language courses, benefiting from different measures envisaged by the project, provided that the courses followed by the young person have different nature (different languages or progressive levels).


What is an integration programme?

It is a package of training modules and services, offered by the employer, with the financial support of the project. The goal is to facilitate the integration of the young worker / trainee in the new social-work context. The program can provide training for the improvement and strengthening of the professional profile and the improvement of language skills, mentoring and coaching services, etc.


Can I offer a job contract longer than 12 months?

In order to be eligible for the project, work or traineeship experiences must have a duration between 2 and 12 months.


Can I hire a participant, if my organisation/company has its head office in a European Union Country but will perform the placement outside of EU 28?

The job or traineeship must take place in one of the 28 Member States of the European Union other than the one iwhich the participant resides .