Jobs and traineeships

The employment contract or traineeship can have a duration of between 2 and 12 months.
The project promotes the inclusion of young people in all activities that have a social or solidarity value.
The opportunities offered by the project mainly concern the 6 professional sectors of reference of the European Solidarity Corps

1. education and activities for young people
2. health
3. social inclusion and social work (for example, reception and integration of migrants and refugees)
4. environmental protection
5. management of emergencies and natural disasters
6. food aid


The skills required depend on the job offer or traineeship. The project Adviser who works alongside the employer is responsible for selecting the candidates who best meet the needs of the organization and supports the subsequent recruitment and insertion phases in the new work context.
The traineeship experiences must always provide a fair remuneration from the host institution, must comply with the legislation in force in the destination country and must be in line with the European Quality Framework for Traineeships [MC2] 

Work experience in apprenticeships is not part of the project.

At the end of the experience the young person receives a certificate of participation in the European Solidarity Corps and a certificate of the activities carried out.