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Participating in the project is quick and easy!

First step: register with the European initiative portal.

By registering with the European portal, you adhere to the mission and principles of the European Solidarity Corps, which involves young Europeans from the 28 Member States of the European Union.

Fill out the registration form and select the "employment project" option if you are available for any job or traineeship opportunities in the support sector, in an EU member state other than yours.

To increase your chances of being contacted, do not forget to upload your Europass curriculum vitae in English. To download the model to be used and have suggestions for the compilation, you can consult the dedicated page of the Anpal website.

At this point you can participate in the selection for job offers or traineeship within the Anpal for European Solidarity Corps project.

For each job offer or traineeship available, a project Adviser pre-selects suitable candidates to present to the employer. If your profile meets the requirements of the offer, you will receive a contact request via the European portal (PASS). The Adviser will give you all the information you need to decide if you are interested in the proposed mobility experience.


Second step: access the Italian project Anpal for European Solidarity Corps.

If you are pre-selected for a job offer or traineeship, the project Adviser sends you personal credentials to access the national project portal. After entering your data and your contacts, you can enter your private area and fill in the form for requesting financial benefits for young people online.

Even in this phase you can count on the help of the Adviser, who will offer you personalized services in all the following phases, from the first interview to the start to start the work experience or traineeship in the country of destination and the possible return to your country . Together you will evaluate what benefits you can recognize in your case and how to present the questions.

Are you ready to better enjoy your work experience or traineeship in the field of solidarity?

Download the guide with instructions on how to participate

For more information do not hesitate to contact us and follow us on our social channels.